Savage Garden presents 

 by Parker Ito

This exhibition consists of 5 artworks:

1. Installed in the main gallery:
a painting titled - 

The Vain Artist Goes to His Studio to Work Out and Sometimes Paint, but Must Avoid the Eating of Slutty Pasta with Lots of Shit in it for the Sake of His Own Aesthetic Perfection 

2. Installed on the fence in the alleyway leading up to the gallery:

A framed computer printout from the artist's studio of a painting titled Belle Epoque, 2019. 

3. A video by the artist titled 1019 which is only viewable online here (below)

Visitors to the gallery are encouraged to view the video on their phones while they visit the exhibition.

4. An edition of 12 wine bottles with custom labels distributed at the opening.

5. A semi-anonymous Wikipedia edit by the artist viewable online (undisclosed here) but subject to change at any moment.